We develop innovative banking solutions for a digital world.


Whether you’re looking to allow your customers to pay bills, set up a marketplace, or simply accept payments, our innovative payment solutions are designed to cater for different customer segment and bring banking services at your customers fingertips. Your customers can conduct banking transactions using a user-friendly and secure setup, allowing your retail and corporate customers to independently verify identities and transactions in a simple, convenient and cost effective way. We provides Financial Institutions with the ability to provide retail/corporate customers with account information and real-time transaction service directly through their devices.

Custom Made

We design, build, implement and maintain custom software solutions that will enable your organization solve the toughest problems. We provide innovative, scalable, secure and robust solutions that will help you transform your business, processes and operations that are aligned to the specific needs of the industry and your unique organizational requirements. This enables you to invest in only that which you need. We provide consultations and long term strategies on which technology best fits your reqirement and aligned to your vision.


To innovate in an era of rapidly evolving business imperatives and customer expectations, financial services firms need a secure and agile solution to seamlessly integrate their applications, data and devices. Prime ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) allows external parties to plug in without affecting the core system. It is based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), a style of integration architecture that allows communication via a common communication channel by all core applications. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), offers a single standardized platform for quickly and efficiently developing applications and processes as the business evolves. This means large-scale, risky “rip-and-replace” projects will not be necessary. Instead, the company will build on the existing IT investments to achieve new levels of agility and performance, with minimum disruption.