We are constantly designing, developing, testing, optimizing and inventing to become the world‘s leading provider for technology driven insurance business.


Digisure is an innovative bancassurance product that allows banks to offer wide range of insurance products that are tailor made for their customers, our advanced technology allows you to seamlessly integrate with your ecosystem. Our codeless API allows the bank to white-label the insurance products and plug in on their digital platform and be able to cross-sell, We provide interfaces for all aspects of the insurance business.


Nowadays consumers manage more and more aspects of their lives via digital channels. They expect an outstanding and easy-to-use customer experience. With our E-commerce direct-to-consumer offerings and broker solutions we offer a broad variety of fully digital and easy-to-access insurance services. We enable insurance companies to modernize legacy systems, bring new products to market faster, extend distribution channels, and improve the customer experience

Prime ESB

Prime ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) is a solution that allows external parties to plug in without affecting the core system. It is based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), a style of integration architecture that allows communication via a common communication channel by all core applications. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), offers a single standardized platform for quickly and efficiently developing applications and processes as the business evolves. This means large-scale, risky “rip-and-replace” projects will not be necessary. Instead, the company will build on the existing IT investments to achieve new levels of agility and performance, with minimum disruption.